‚ÄčKalbar State School history from the beginning.


 Slab hut



1879 - 3rd February, Queensland School Number 0343 began as Fassifern Scrub Provisional School.

1879 - 4th September, the school's name changed to Engelsburg State School.

1882 - 30th September, Engelsburg State School which was held in the Baptist Church was closed and removed.

1885 - 28rd September, Engelsburg State School opened in Edward Street, Kalbar on
the site of the now Engels Memorial Park.

1888 - When Fassifern Station School closed, students were transferred to Engelsburg
State School.

1911 - 21st November, a new classroom built at right angles to the existing building.

1916 - Township of Engelsburg changed name to Kalbar.

1935 - 28th September, Golden Jubilee of the School.

1946 - Obum Obum School closed the students were transferred to Engelsburg State  

1950 - Electric power connected to the school

1955 - School moved to George Street (10 acres for est. 440 pounds), put on high
stumps and remodelled to comply with modern standards of lighting and ventilation.  From 24th January 1955. School was conducted in Kalbar School of Arts while construction was taking place. Staff and students moved into the school on 24th June 1955.

1957 - A fourth classroom was built adjoining an existing classroom by a folding
partition which allowed for two rooms. A staff room and a Library were added.  Underneath the building was concreted and enclosed. A health room was built beneath the building.  Also a large office on the upper floor for the head Teacher.

1958 - 19th April, official opening of new school site in George Street, Kalbar.

1958 - Fassifern Valley School was closed and students were transferred to Engelsburg State School.
1958 - Charlwood School was closed and students were transferred to Engelsburg
State School.

1959 - A new wing was added to the school and was nicknamed the 'Chook Roost'.
An opening ceremony of the new building was held in conjunction with Centenary Cavalcade of Kalbar on 5th September.

1961 - Moogerah Dam School was closed, students were transferred to Engelsburg
State School.

1963 - Tennis court built.

1963 - Silverdale School was closed and students were transferred to Engelsburg State School.

1971 - Sewerage services were installed throughout the school and town.

1975 - Frazerview School was closed and students were transferred to Engelsburg
State School.

1977 - The first Year 7 school camp was held at Maroon Outdoor Education Centre

1978 - A new low set brick classroom block (D Block) was built with an open area
concept with one double classroom plus a withdrawal room and 2 storage areas.

1979 - 7th April, the school celebrated its Centenary (100th Birthday).

1979 - 27th August, Engelsburg State School changed its name to Kalbar State School. 
1980 - D Block extended with another double classroom and 2 storage areas.

1980 - New school oval built with funds raised from the Centenary and was opened by
the Governor Sir James Ramsay.

1982 - Treated pine adventure playground including scramble net, fort, tyre swing and sway bridge was built.

1985 - 19th October, Early Education Centre (EEC) opened.

1985 - First computers purchased, Commodore 64.

1987 - New toilet block added to school site including wheel chair toilet.

1990 - First Crossing Supervisors (Lollipop Ladies) commenced.

1991 - First German Festival held at Kalbar Show Grounds.

1991 - High ropes course extension to adventure playground.

1991 - First year of holding a formal Graduation for Year 7 students.

1995 - Corporal punishment abolished for Behaviour Management Plans and Code of

1996 - 2 Netball courts built.

1996 - Undercover area built and nicknamed 'The Shed'.

1997 - Undercover area 'The Shed' concreted.

1997 - Early Education Centre officially became Preschool, toilets and an office were

1998 - New modular playground built to accommodate grades 4 to 7.

1999 - A double teaching classroom building added to school, E Block.

1999 - Modular playground added to Preschool.

2001 - Federation gardens established to commemorate Australian Federation.

2001 - Resource Room built under the 'Chook Roost' (A Block).

2001 - Revegetation and wildlife corridor on east bank of oval started.

2001 - Covered walkways to connect all school buildings built.

2003-04 - Whole school air-conditioned from proceeds of the German Festivals.

2003 - School wind up notice board erected to advise community of school events.

2003 - Cricket nets opened and dedicated to Wayne Vogler.

2004 - New adventure playground for the junior school built.

2004 - School celebrates 125th Anniversary - Time Capsule Cabinet, 125th Garden,
paved path (including names of past students, teachers and events in the school's history).

2005 - All classrooms connected by telephone system.

2005 - New flag pole installed.

2006 - Multipurpose court built.

2006 - Double classroom erected F Block.

2007 - Preschool officially became Prep.

2009 - April, the demolition started of A, B & C Block, tennis court and old toilets.  This is due to damage caused by the resident bat colony in the buildings.

2009 - July, Bat Haven built to house bat colony.

2009 - November, foundations of new buildings poured.

2010 - January, installation of I Block.

2010 - July, Opening of new buildings (Administration, Resource Centre and Canteen)
(A,B & C Block).

2011 - March, the Multipurpose Hall  and extensions to 2 D Block rooms were built from BER funding.

2011 - April, (K Block) installation.

2016 - Sandstone grandstand seating built on the oval.

2016 - 125th Pavers moved to beside I Block.

2016 - Manual school sign was replaced by electronic video sign.

2017 - Concreted path from classrooms to oval built, covered walkways joining E, F and K Blocks built.

2017 - October, Discus and Shot Put fields established on oval.

2019 - January, Lower school play equipment built and shade structure.

2020 - ED4ALL Grant, refurbished amanities building and upgrade disability toilet.

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