Tuckshop is open each Friday with the exception of the last Friday of term. This menu is updated with the newsletter on Thursdays. Our school tuckshop abides by the policies set down by the Queensland Association of school Tuckshops.

Tuckshop Convenor - Gayle Herrmann

The Tuckshop is run P & C Association, with all money raised donated back to the P & C. This money is then spent throughout the school thus benefiting all students at the school.

the day to day running of the tuckshop is done by an elected Convenor who is paid a minimal honorarium, with voluntary parent help working on rostered days. The tuckshop is governed by the P and C Association.

Tuckshop operates on a Friday.

There are many ways to be involved at tuckshop.

1. taking orders (before morning tuckshop)
2. morning tuckshop (mostly food preparation)
3. making pikelets
4. being involved in tuckshop sub-committee:
5. coming to meetings and making decisions
6. all of the above

The school has adopted the Education Queensland & Queensland Health Initiative 'Smart Choices: Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy', providing healthy foods for students each tuckshop day.

Tuckshop Menu

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eatingPlease contact the school office for further information about tuckshop meetings.

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Can I Help?

Our tuckshop is always seeking people that can assist. If you can spend some time on a Friday, please call the school on 5469 9333 or speak to Gayle yourself.

We would like as many parents as possible to be involved in helping with Tuckshop as the funds raised benefit all our children.

Tuckshop will be responsible for catering for these events and require you assistance: