Parents and Citizens

Kalbar School has two Parent governing bodies.

1. School Council

2. Parents and Citizens Association

The School Council is responsible for the strategic direction of the school. The council consists of six members presently which includes:

a) P and C President

b) 2 Parent representatives

c) 1 teacher representative

d) 1 non-teaching representative

e) School Principal

Apart from the Principal and P and C President, these members were voted to represent the community by the group they represent.

Latest Parents and Citizens Newsletter

Principal's Annual Report - from the 2016 AGM




Our Committee

The P&C provides an opportunity for all parents to have a say, take part in the direction of the school and positively contribute to the education your children receive.
This association is of vital importance to our school, not only for their fund raising activities but also to assist and guide with school decision making. We hope that you will start with enthusiasm and maintain it throughout the year by attending the monthly P&C meetings. Our aim is to keep them short!
We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!


Our Parents and Citizens Association meets in the staff room, on the third Tuesday of each month, at 7.30pm. All parents are encouraged to become registered members of the school P&C and this can be done simply by attending two consecutive P&C meetings.

Executive for 2015:
President: Anton La Vinn
Vice President: Jo Feeman
Secretary: Justine Cadena
Treasurer: Christine Stephan