About our school

Fast Facts

  • Current school enrolment: 205
  • 9 classes
  • 15 full-time teachers
  • All years perform at or above National average

    Vision Statement

    To provide the best possible educational outcomes to ensure a well-rounded student and to support and engage our local community.


  • Provide expert teaching to all students
  • Ensure a quality curriculum
  • Engage community and give a sense of belonging
  • Facilitate varied and valuable educational experiences
  • Ensure teaching and learning is inclusive and differentiated
  • Measure our success and strive to improve
  • Provide a safe environment which leads to happy children and school community
  • Recognise and celebrate individual’s strengths
    • Recognise and celebrate individual’s strengths



    The MYSCHOOL website provides more information about this school's academic performance.

    Kalbar State School is fortunate to have some of the best facilities in Queensland. Over the past few years there has been major development to this school with the recent completion of our Assembly Hall; the culmination BER project (2011). Other recently constructed buildings (completed 2010) are an Administration building, Resource Centre and Canteen all blending in with the school environment.

    All buildings within the school are fully air-conditioned, with eco friendly lighting and very well maintained.

    The school has an established reputation for academic and sporting achievement and close ties with the local community. Kalbar seeks to provide quality education to students in a safe and caring environment suitable for the 21st century.


    Dental Van

    The dental van visits Kalbar school once every 2 years. Between visits it operates in the general area on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Contact No. 0419 654 650.


    Chaplaincy - click here


  • School Facilities
    Assembly hall
    The new multi-purpose Assembly Hall built under the BER Program and opened in August 2011.

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    The first building as you enter the main gate. Persons entering on business must call in and sign the visitors book.


    Resource centre
    Our multi-million dollar Resource centre has two teaching areas andresource centre media room.


    Media room


    Computers are readily available at a ratio of 1 computer to 4 students.


    Interactive Whiteboards

    Most teaching areas are fitted with permanent interactive whiteboards. This allows teachers to reach children of all learning styles.READ MORE